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Peter E. Randall Publisher

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The world is on the verge of destruction and the epicenter lies beneath Granite Mountain, New Hampshire.

While attending Ecology Camp, Katrina Waters gets caught up in a terrorist sleeper cell. All she wants is her own identity and destiny—not the one her father wants for her and not the one that terrorists intend for her.

Meanwhile, family friend Curt Shirlington, who works at the CDC becomes suspicious about Granite Mountain; and when Katrina Waters (Julie's step daughter) reenters his life, he discovers that not only is the world in danger but also the love of his life, Katrina’s stepmother, Julie.

Who will stop Judgment Day? The forces within the government, an overprotective father, or a bunch of brainwashed kids?

Curt Shirlington loves Julie Waters, his best friend's wife. Knowing that sooner or later the truth will come out and destroy friendship and family, he puts distance and time between him and Julie. Yet there's no escaping his love for her. 

The White Mountains of New Hampshire is the setting for this Suspense/Thriller. The fifth book in the LaRosa Chronicles.

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