LaRosa Chronicles


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Life is perfect for Julie Waters-great husband, gorgeous hundred-year-old brick manse perched upon a broad precipice overlooking the open Atlantic off Cohasset, Massachusetts, friends, family...and then she gets pregnant. Great husband Ken descends into a constant state of fretfulness, slugging down single malt Scotch and pacing about the manse that he and his first wife Regina restored just before the plane crash that took her and their only child Katrina. He sees Julie as Regina and all the sorrow that she wreaked upon him lives again. Beloved Katrina calls to him and he steps off the broad precipice to build sandcastles with her on the beach below, but Julie snags his shirt. Bouncing off the rocky outcrop, he clutches a candy-colored clown that glows worse than the great flames masticating the manse. 

That’s only the beginning. One person knows Katrina is still alive while family secrets and a candy-colored clown endanger mankind. Emotions run high as love and determination lead Ken and Julie to a terrorist training camp for children and Katrina.

 “Twists and turns you never expect!” 
– Lisa Ann, Managing Editor, The Book Review Cafˇ§¦,

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