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Father Sandro's Money
Yesterday, Tommy Gray Drowned
Time Has A Way
Candy-colored Clown


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Tomorrow Is Promised To No One
Roses Falling
Everything Happens To Margi

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Summer and August

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 Summer And August
is set in Chatham, MA on Cape Cod . Yellow Umbrella Book is where some of the action takes place. This is going to be fun!    We will be talking to some of the real Chatham residents who play themselves in
Summer And August.





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Summer And August,

A Cape Cod Murder Mystery 

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On March 26, 2008 Spiderling was named Book of the Week for week # 13 of 2008 by the Director of the Center for the Book at the New Hampshire State Library! What an honor!


Father $andro's Money
re-released thru
A Snowy Day Distribution & Publishing on the Tenth anniversary of the original publication!
Thanks for keeping this book a Huge Success!!!

It continues to be my Best Seller!


Available on Kindle, Nook & in Print! 
Father $andro's Money
Historical Fiction -
Set in Boston, MA
Time Has A Way
Inspirational Fiction -
Set in Brighton, MA

Yesterday, Tommy Gray Drowned
A Murder Mystery

Action Suspense -  set in Cohasset, MA
Suspense/Thriller - Set in NH

Adventure/Romance - Set in NH


Summer And August
A Cape Cod Murder Mystery

         All Available             
on Kindle and Nook! 
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      We had a pretty mild fall and a very nice Christmas, although no snow! Let's hope the New Year is good to all!
    Sal and I have been working with some great new authors whose works are at A Snowy Day Distribution & Publishing, so visit ASnowyDay.com to find out what we have been doing!  There are some great books at the website; and all of our authors will autograph their books for you!

    Six of my seven novels are published by our own A Snowy Day Distribution & Publishing.
    Through 2015 ASnowyDay.com has published 21 books in print, 21 books on Kindle and 22 books on Nook, with 1 more book to be added to each category early in 2016.
    Check it out! Psalms of an Addict coming soon!

    I am passing on an opportunity presented as a result of an overstock situation from my previous publishing company. Until further notice all my books are available through this web site shipped free! Just click on the online ordering link in the left.

    Our thanksto all of you for another great year.

    E-books on Kindle and Nook are selling very well, thanks to all of you spreading the word! And purchasing!
   All Seven books of the LaRosa Chronicles are available on Kindle and Nook!  Including the NEW Yesterday, Tommy Gray Drowned!




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This is Sal and I on Coffee Chat, hosted by Doris Ballard, WKXL Radio 1450 AM in Concord, NH. Click here to listen to our 1st visit: Coffee Chat 2-24

   We had so much to talk about we were invited back! Click here to listen to
our 2nd visit: Coffee Chat 03-04
   Our thanks to a wonderful host, Doris Ballard, for having us on Coffee Chat! 

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